I became a musician so I wouldn’t have to get up at 6 in the morning

Norah Jones

Meleah Shrout has been making music for as long as she can remember.

From the age of three through her college years Meleah sang in a number of choirs. She and her sisters would often make up songs of their own, making music a constant backdrop in their lives. At the age of 8 she began piano lessons with an amazing teacher who encouraged her love of music.

Through the years she practiced, performed and even taught lessons of her own by the age of 13. The piano became a steady source of joy and the highest form of expression in her life. When she was upset, she played the piano. When there was something to celebrate, she went to the piano. She could always be sure her hard work would pay off. Dedicated practice sessions produced quality performances. And so she found what she wanted in life; to make music and share it with others.

Near the end of high school Meleah began composing music of her own, performing it for local recitals and events. She received positive feedback and decided to compose more in college. After graduating she collected all of her music and recorded her first album, Awake in 2013.

She received a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance and a Master of Music in Collaborative Piano. Her focus began to shift from hours alone in a practice room to collaborating with other musicians. Meleah is an extrovert who loves people. The collaborative piano lifestyle allows for plenty of interaction with others.

In graduate school Meleah began to fall in love with vocal repertoire. She had the opportunity to work with talented soloists of all ages and abilities. Choral experience came a few years later, reinforcing her certainty that vocalists were her favorite musicians to work with.

For me making music is part social, part interaction, part collaboration

Norah Jones

Life as a collaborative pianist allows for constant communication between people and music. Working with other musicians on a daily basis motivates and inspires Meleah to keep going in this field.

Through the years she has met and worked with a wide variety of talented artists, composers, conductors and performers. She has worked with NATS Regional Winners, accompanied concerts with composers Joel Raney and Joseph Martin, and even accompanied a TEDx Talk on the Kennedy Center Millennium Stage. Each of these events was an opportunity to meet and perform with talented musicians and a reminder that this job is the best job for her.

Life as a musician is constantly evolving.

In January of 2018 Meleah and her partner decided to go on an adventure and moved to Huntsville, Alabama. She left behind a thriving business in Maryland with many beloved students, choirs and accompanying roles. This was not an easy decision, but as a musician there is always a chance to start over and thrive, no matter your location.

She now runs a private studio from two locations in Huntsville, AL while working as a staff accompanist for The University of Alabama, Huntsville. In addition she is the Collaborative Pianist / Assistant Director for the Huntsville Community Chorus Association’s Youth Chorus. She enjoys freelance accompanying, and will always make time for a talented vocalist.

Meleah believes that anyone can learn to make music. She encourages her students to reach their highest potential, while reminding them to enjoy the process along the way. A lifelong love of music is so much more than playing all the right notes.

Meleah will often take a few weeks away from work to travel and spend time with friends and family around the country. She loves unique coffee shops, local wineries and walking trails. She has an eye for design and has been known to refinish a dining table over a weekend, or rearrange an entire room of her house in an afternoon. Dinner parties are a favorite way for Meleah and her partner to connect with people.

Music is enough for a lifetime; but a lifetime is not enough for Music

Sergei Rachmaninoff

Currently Working

University of Alabama, Huntsville
Staff Accompanist

Huntsville Community Chorus Association Youth Chorus
Collaborative Pianist / Assistant Director

Private Lessons Instructor
Studios in Madison and Huntsville

Freelance Accompanist
Specializing in Choral and Vocal Rep